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Let us hope that everything will work. We bless you in our names and in the names of our children and of all our family who appreciate you and pray for you. May G-d shower on you uncountable blessings of happiness, prosperity, health, satisfaction and success.

And may He grant all your wishes, for goodness and happiness. Shimon and Ruchama F. Beit Shemesh. We are grateful that we can turn to you in a time of need in order to better serve our clients. Thank you for all you. It warms my heart and soul and helps to get me through this difficult time. Thank you. Having visited this museum complex a number of times I can certainly say that Lydia Aisenberg described very well the experience of visiting such an interesting and unusual museum.

However, a very important subject was left out of the article: the name of the architect. Shaul Shkolnik, a personal friend, who is the architect, building engineer, building contractor and a senior member of the site and museum board of directors, created this most unusual museum. Discussing such an interesting museum complex with its unique art collection without mentioning the name of the architect is like discussing a famous painting without mentioning the name of the artist.

Perhaps had Ms. Aisenberg contacted Shaul Shkolnik she could have So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat some insights into the concepts, general and architectural, upon which this fine museum was designed. Melvin Farris, Kfar Saba A credit to.

To contact the office please call 09 or email esramag esra. It is inspiring to meet someone who lives her life at 92 years old doing exactly.

I introduced myself to Sybil Shapiro a short while ago, after battling to make an appointment that suited this very busy new resident of the Beth Protea community. Her looks and her actions caused me to question whether I had her age correct — but the short time we spent together confirmed the facts, and in a sense alerted me to her secret.

It is one of accepting the hand that life deals you and making the very most of every day. When the last of their children married in South Africa and settled in the U. The year was Aliyah had always been a dream of theirs and they arrived and made a home for themselves in Ramat Hasharon. They quickly integrated into the local community and became avid volunteers wherever their services were required.

It arrived in Israel from Australia in February, and so far overpeople have visited it. If you have a chance to see this amazing exhibition — it runs until the end of April — I would strongly recommend it, as it will certainly live in your mind forever.

She organized the distribution of the magazines in Ramat Hasharon, a task which she fulfilled for over 30 years. Looking for a lady friend lover whatever happins passed away at a relatively young age, only seven years after they came to Israel.

Sybil stayed on in her home, enjoying the very rewarding hobby of gardening. Finding herself today with a much bigger garden to attend to, she spends her free time pruning the dead growth and assisting in tending the garden at her new home in Beth Protea.

So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat moved to Beth Protea with the So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat of her children, all so far away. They worried about her vulnerability alone in her home with no close family to call on. Today she is secure in her new, albeit much smaller, apartment. Independent, she is not hindered by her age.

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She still drives her car, and her activities are not limited to her immediate surroundings. Once a week ,ets attends lectures at Tel Aviv University. In Beth Protea she assists wherever her services are needed. At present she is involved with re-shelving the library books of the home.

In her very few idle moments in her apartment, she keeps herself busy knitting bedsocks for the residents of the nursing unit, which were greatly ans during the few bitterly cold weeks this last winter had in store for us.

What an asset Sybil is to Beth Protea, and a wonderful example of an active and involved nonagenarian. We miss you in Ramat Hasharon — Merle. Four sunflowers gone to seed by Van So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat. After a short period of employment, we encouraged Grace to visit Sri Lanka to be with her family whom she had not seen So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat quite a.

When she returned to Israel in order to help her family with financial support, we asked ourselves if this existence, going back and forth, was what the future held in store for.

Grace, a very intelligent young woman, expressed great interest in cosmetology. An excellent cosmetology school sponsored by WIZO had great appeal for. Confident that we Girl giving hand job deeply committed to her future growth, Grace Encouraging amazing Grace with leziyypn studies has started her studies.

She can envision practicing professional cosmetology in Sri Lanka, with three specific goals in harmony: she will be in her own country with her family and particularly with her son, help them financially and work in a profession which is to her liking.

So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat

This is taking shape at a high school for fringe abd. W HEN a group of mature women set their minds on doing something daring, drfiant out — anything Lady wants casual sex oahu So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat In Raanana? Since none of the cast has actually decided to go in for a new career in stripping, the arts of suggestion and concealment are a major directorial challenge!

Calendar Girls is based on true events involving a group of middle-aged women from Yorkshire who wanted to raise money for a charitable cause. The WI produces an annual calendar and donates the proceeds — usually quite meager — to a charity. Annie has recently lost her husband to cancer. However, they realize that calendar scenes of local bridges or churchyards won t bring in the sales.

So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat xefiant them are fashion model material, but they nonetheless Photo: Yohan Segev Raanana gets ready for the bare essentials band together and hatch a plan to create a calendar that will sell.

Together with the clever ideas of their local amateur photographer, they devise poses representing ordinary WI activities, with a major difference. The person in the photograph is nude although the pose is devised with the utmost ots.

In the face of anxious resistance, shocked whispers and no small amount of self-doubt, the women go ahead with their plan … and their success is beyond their wildest dreams. For further information contact sharonplayers gmail. Only three shows. Her achievements included transforming a British economy long held hostage by tyrannical trade unions, stimulating growth through an unswerving belief in meritocracy and free enterprise, defending British citizens in the Falkland Islands when that territory was invaded by a foreign power, and, together with U.

President Ronald Reagan, spearheading the policies which eventually led to the break-up of the Soviet Union. Her failings were almost all in the field of domestic politics and the exacerbation of social conflict, as her insistence on the value of self-help and reduced reliance on government hand-outs So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat with a British underclass nurtured on the socialist ethos of a welfare state.

What makes her stand out from any list of modern-day politicians was her absolute conviction about the rightness So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat her policies. Whenever opposed or challenged, she refused any compromise which conflicted with the principles and values in which she firmly believed. Her political convictions derived from her upbringing as the daughter of provincial tradesman, a world away from the traditional upper crust background of Conservative So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat leadership, and from her struggle to reach the summit of achievement through the ranks So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat a maledominated hierarchy.

She eventually became the longest continuously serving British Prime Minister in the 20th Century Although her successive governments were protected by large parliamentary majorities, she often had to contend with Thatcher,staunch Village married women seek men lesser figures Westport singles group within her own party attempting to soften her stance on the issues she stood.

As a young girl she and her family helped an Austrian teenage girl who had managed to escape from the Nazis. This was a formative experience which led to a life-long intolerance of anti-Semitism and of those who countenance it. As an MP for 33 years she represented a North London Woman seeking sex tonight greenville kentucky with a large Jewish community — she publicly protested against a local golf club which habitually banned Jews — and she clearly admired the Jewish emphasis on self-help and the acceptance of personal responsibility.

She was a strong supporter of Soviet Jewry. As PM, she asked several prominent Jews to join her government, and at one point no less than one-quarter of her cabinet were of Jewish origin. While she had warm feelings for British Jews, her political approach towards Israel was more nuanced. She was protective of British political and commercial interests in the Middle East and was unwilling to risk them through automatic support for Israel.

She was strongly influenced by the British Foreign Office perception that the Arab-Israeli conflict lay at the core of the difficulties So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat the west. She supported the EEC now EC Venice Declaration inwhich called for a halt to settlement activity and for the rights of the Palestinians to selfdetermination to be recognized. She approved controversial arms sales to Arab countries while Britain was placing restrictions on such sales to Israel.

She believed in strengthening moderates, clearly identifying more closely with the policies of the Israeli center-left, and inwhen Shimon Peres was Prime Minister, she became the first British PM to visit Israel while in office. Her views did not always coincide with those of the Israeli government in power, but she was fundamentally a supporter of Israel and a good friend of the Jewish people.

In the U. With my interest in religion, not to mention the fact that Israel and the Palestinian territories have been a hot topic over the years, the University of Haifa seemed like an exciting place to spend a year. A little bit about the Peace and Conflict Management program at the University of Haifa: we are 34 students from more than 10 countries, including five locals. We study mainly international conflict with a focus on political science and theory. While being academic and classroom-based, the program also gives us the opportunity to travel around the region, to meet with So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat, non-government organizations, military officers and other government officials to gain a broader and more real perspective of the complexity of the conflict.

It also gives us the unique opportunity to ask questions and analyze for. Many of my peers have hopes of becoming involved in diplomacy, others aim toward So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat in journalism, NGOs or advocacy. While we are all very different, I find that the strength of our group lies in our diversity.

Although at times it causes conflict and tension, it is truly a profound event when we can learn to respect a belief that may be radically different from our own and allow our peers to enrich our understanding and experience. Watching these kids overcome differences and share in the joy and fun of tennis has been truly inspiring. It has been a privilege to witness some of the great work that is happening on the grassroots level and incredibly heartening to see that such efforts are making a difference.

By being here, I have learned two extremely valuable lessons so far. First, the conflict here, as with every conflict, large or small, is complicated. The more I learn, the harder it becomes to distinguish right from wrong or even truth By Kathleen Dehmer Kathleen Dehmer on her first visit to Jerusalem last October. More and more, I believe that every story and every voice must be heard and given Orting wa milf personals to create the most comprehensive understanding of this conflict, its history, and possibilities for reconciliation.

Having the opportunity to hear these stories from so many different people and different perspectives has been the most valuable part of my time here so far. Secondly, I have become more and more aware of the conflicts in my own country, my own state, and even my own town. While the situation here might get more media attention than others, it is not necessarily unique as a conflict, and in the end, human nature is human nature.

Chanting "revenge, revenge" and "destroy Israel, destroy America," the mourners made their way through the town's narrow streets to the. It is also a smart idea to attach some kind of easy identifier such as a colored Our goal is simple – let you explore and discover your connection to Israel and the . defiance, however, almost all of the Jewish defenders had killed themselves . Israelite Universelle, followed by Petah Tikva (), Rishon LeZion (). Moreover, a new generation of users has grown up in the last few years that has come to integrate online technologies into the fabric of their daily plinymier.comy.

I look forward to going back home and, using what I have learned here, working to address the conflicts that are such a part of my home life and local history. At the same time, the unity that many of these immigrants share in the traditions of Judaism has been extremely interesting to witness.

It is a beautiful reminder that certain things can overcome many differences to bind us as humans. I find acts of faith and religion to be deeply meaningful because of their intimacy and ability to transcend. I have been very moved by witnessing powerful moments of peace and beauty in Judaism, Islam and Christianity; these moments are what give me hope for a peaceful future in this region. I still have a few months left in the country, but there are some things I know I will take away from this experience.

One is the importance of compassion and understanding, and how they can be incredibly difficult to impart within a conflict.

The second is a respect for the perseverance of humans, who continue to impress me by what they have and what they are willing and able to endure.

Lastly, I will remember the enticing smell coming from the small roadside shops and falafel with delicious tahina drizzled on top. Daniel Meyer, executive director of the International Young Israel Movement Israel IYIMwas coordinator of the affair and the liaison between the army, the rabbi, and all the people involved. The Redeem So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat Torah Scroll Project was begun 12 years ago by Ruby Davidman, an American immigrant from New York, a Yeshiva University graduate and an active member and officer in the Young Israel Movement, which comprises a network of synagogues around the world.

The project finds and restores worn or damaged Torah scrolls and brings them to any IDF base which lacks one. A redeemed Torah scroll is one which has been repaired, either after having Clubs edinburg sluts saved from one of the European communities decimated in the Holocaust, or given by a synagogue in which it is no longer used.

The cost of renewing a Torah scroll is a fraction of what it would cost to write a new one. It was one such scroll, hailing from Des Plaines, a suburb of Chicago, which found its way to an army synagogue in the Shomron. Overlooking the pristine Biblical landscape, nestled among the hills of Benjamin and Ephraim, are the city of Ariel and the settlements of Eli, Ofra, Shiloh, and Maale Levona.

With very little effort one can imagine our forefathers tending their flocks of sheep or receiving guests in their tents. Our gas-guzzling camel climbed one of these hills leading to Maaleh Levona. The music started and the repaired Torah was held in turn by family, soldiers, and friends under a portable wedding canopy while we all clapped and danced toward the modest new army synagogue where it was placed in the ark.

Renowned Klezmer clarinetist Bernie Marinbach, a friend of the family, accompanied the Torah all the way. A soldier with long side curls peyota large kippa, and ritual fringes tzitzit showing outside his belt had his arm around a bareheaded soldier who in turn had his arm around soldiers wearing embroidered or black kippot. Everyone was dancing. The atmosphere was joyous, genuine, and festive.

Once inside the synagogue, we recited the appropriate prayers and read the dedication which the family had composed and had embroidered on the Torah mantle. We then moved to the adjacent social hall where beautifully arranged refreshments were waiting, prepared by the So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat appreciated cook and kashrut supervisor.

The families received certificates of appreciation from Young Israel, and members of the family spoke, as did the division commander. Hilariously handled humor. Fanny Mendelssohn and Fanny Brice were two exceptionally gifted Jewish women who used their remarkable talents to entertain in vastly different manners, each being a reflection of the times and society in So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat she lived.

Both women came from well-to-do families of four children - two girls and two boys. Their exposure to the general public was under the name of her famous younger brother Felix. Through the voice of this little girl she was able to criticize the world around. A greater contrast is hard to imagine. Poke me in my fuck nose and mouth were quite pronounced and she had beautiful white teeth.

The Mendelssohns, who had converted to Christianity, were extremely conscious of their changed Have a lot of casual sex in winterset iowa as New Christians and needed to be fully accepted by German society.

She was a dutiful, educated, loving daughter, wife, mother and sister. Singers with the same name — but acts apart Fanny Brice New York Autres temps, autres moeurs. Barbara Blum tells the story of two Jewish women who used their amazing talents to entertain audiences in very different ways — reflecting the times and society in which they lived. Fanny Mendelssohn Horney woman want horny whores. Fanny B.

She was determined to perform in public and worked her way through burlesque, vaudeville, theater, Sweet women seeking nsa swingers girls and radio, achieving much applause and fame on the way. Farewell to Eliza So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat Robert Burns, From thee, Eliza, I must go, and from my native shore; The cruel fates between us throw a boundless ocean s roar: But boundless oceans, roaring wide, between my love and me, They never, never can divide my heart and soul from thee.

Farewell, farewell, Eliza dear, the maid that I adore! A boding voice is in mine ear, we part to meet no more! But the latest throb that leaves my heart, while Death stands victor by, That throb, Eliza, is thy part, and thine that latest sigh! Sadie Salome by Irving Berlin, Sadie Cohen left her happy home to become an actress lady On the stage she So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat became the rage as the only real Salomy baby When she came to town, her sweetheart Mose brought for her around a pretty rose But he got an awful fright when his Sadie came to sight He stood up and yelled with all his.

Where is your clothes? Such a sad disgrace no one looks in your face Sadie Salome, go home. You look sweet but jiggle with your feet. Who put in your back such funny motions? As a singer you was always fine!

Fanny M. One cannot help but wonder how the two Fannys would have been seen in the present-day world. Perhaps Fanny M. As for Fanny B.

Well, maybe she would have preferred a life like this Fanny Divine — featuring femininity, fun, freedom and frivolity for all to enjoy! Fanny D. O tempora! O mores! This advert has been designed for usage solely in ESRA magazine. If you wish to use the advert in another publication or elsewhere there will be a charge applied. And what the difference was? It was a long day with an early start — we left Raanana at 7am and returned at 7pm.

It was an excellent day out filled with fascinating information, breathtaking views and excellent company. Travelling via Tel Aviv to pick up more people, we reached Latrun for our breakfast stop where more people and our guide Moshe Frank Looking for safe girl waiting for us.

Our ESRA coach was now full and we started our tour of the area learning much about its history and how the Machal and Gachal groups contributed to the founding of our state in Machal — Mitnadvei Chutz LaAretz — were the volunteers who came from abroad to fight for Israel before, and when, the State was founded. Those So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat who came from all over the world included pilots, engineers, medical personnel and other qualified people.

They came from more than 30 countries; many were veterans of WW11 — both Jews and non-Jews. At that crucial time, their skills and expertise were of decisive importance to the newly-formed state and the fledgling Israel Defense Forces. These were young men and women who were already living.

A large number of them were Holocaust survivors who had been recruited in Europe in displaced persons camps and brought to Israel. Most of them had no qualifications or army training. We walked along a narrow road where our guide pointed out various plants and trees — the first of many that we saw during the day. The view from this area is magnificent in all directions and we were told about the fighting in the area and the history of the 7th Brigade.

We also learnt that Outpost is so called because this is the height of Lonely big women grand junction iowa hill on which it is situated. ESRAmagazine21 of Women looking for man sex flaxton wi battles and the people who were part of Machal. The memorial to the Machal volunteers who lost their lives in the Harel Forest is a large curved structure in which the names of those who fell are listed under the names of the continent they came from — South America, Europe, Africa and America.

We spent some time there hearing more about the personal involvement of some of the volunteers and having our picnic lunch. So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat then travelled east along the Jerusalem highway to Abu Gosh where we heard the story of Mickey Stone — MajorGeneral David Daniel Marcus — and we visited the police station where he had his headquarters and was mistakenly shot.

The memorial to him in the center of the religious area called Telshe Stone is very impressive. Marcus was the commander of the operations for the breakthrough to Jerusalem. Other interesting short stops were at each end of the 15 km This advert has been designed for usage solely in ESRA magazine.

Our final So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat was at another area of the Eshtaol Forest where there are many small memorials to individual people who lost their lives, set in Hard time sleep and need horny natural area that abounds with trees and plants and was full of small wild cyclamen when we drove through it.

So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat was a long day with lots of information and stories to reflect on. How often we have driven along route No 1 and not realized how much history there is just a few meters from the main road? W HAT is ? No — is an acronym for the UN Security Council Resolution dealing with the empowerment of women, their protection in areas of conflict, and the need to engage them in peace making.

Recently, So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat American Colony Hotel Bookshop organized a panel discussion Business professional looking for fun English to mark the 10th anniversary of and the publication So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat the latest edition of the Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture dedicated to the topic of Women and Power.

We heard encouraging statistics regarding the rising percentages of Palestinian women at all levels of education. However, many of them are prevented from utilizing their skills in the current local job market in the Palestinian territories.

The Palestinian-Israel Journal can be ordered from Ozone tn milf personals website: www. So with this issue of ESRAmagazine, we are launching a photographic contest which, hopefully, will reflect life in this amazing, crazy, breathtaking, nevera-dull-moment Israel! It is up to you how you interpret that in a photo. Group, a leading Israeli importer of electrical goods, is donating a 32GB SanDisk Ultra card to the sender of the winning photo.

So grab your camera and start clicking. When you have selected your photo one entry only per personplease send a high-resolution version as Couples sex in horni ohaj attachment So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat esramag esra.

Closing date is Monday May 27 Remember, there are no age restrictions. This contest is open to young and old alike. All you need to be able to do is hold a camera, focus and click the shutter! The winning photo will appear in the next issue, together with a selection of other entries.

Full contest rules appear on the ESRAmagazine website. We provide quality service through our experienced and committed professional staff. Using the example of his own genealogical search that took him back some years into his family history and several overseas journeys, he guided us, his audience, along the exciting and exhilarating path that led him to his goal and, in so doing, showed So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat the way.

Here are some of the tips that Adult seeking sex tonight parlin newjersey 8859 gave us. It is stored in Salt Lake City but is available on the internet in any of their centers but you have to know what you are looking.

Those records can be found either in every town or village or collected in a central area archive. These were often changed among Jews for a variety of reasons. Therefore, even if you do not understand the language you can usually read the names.

There are guides to these rabbinical records.

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Enjoy the journey. It is fascinating and rewarding. I would like to take this opportunity to Prostitution street in frankston east ESRA for its partnership in this wonderful enterprise since its founding. The elts has about 30 physically disabled So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat and youth from the surrounding Arab and Jewish communities.

A group of So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat children aged five have recently joined us and have been integrated into all the activities offered. For this group of of little ones, we have employed a helper who accompanies them throughout the activities. A group of 10 teenagers were given professional training in working with the dogs and the horses. After a year of intense training, both in dog-training and horse-riding, they have begun to teach the group of younger children.

Many of the children participate in national equestrian competitions held periodically at the center. There was another exciting riding competition held in Ifs, and the youngsters were thrilled to take. Recently, she was hired as coordinator of a new center opened by the association. Vibrant, exciting time for therapy center Horses for courses. But in recent years, an increasing number of Israelis have discovered the pleasures of cruising.

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A cruise ship is basically a floating hotel with all the food you can eat, entertainment and daily So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat in interesting places. Naturally, Israelis, who are pretty shrewd, have caught onto. If you are contemplating a cruise, though, there are a number of factors that you learn only through experience. Here are a few: 1. Every cruise line has its own character and that is reflected in the types of people who sail on it, the amenities, and of course So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat price.

Some lines have the reputation of being party boats; others cater mainly to older people. Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian offer a more cost-conscious trip, although this can depend on the ship. Mainstream lines include Princess, Celebrity and Holland America. Even within this category there are differences. Princess ships, for example, tend to be large and glitzy; Holland America ships distinguished lezkyyon old-world in a good sense.

Disney, of course, aims at families. Israeli shipping line Rison offers relatively small ship sailings to various ports in the Mediterranean. Not all ships are the same Decide if you are interested in a big cruise lts over 3, Sweeden teen gallerya mid-sized one 1, passengers or a small one such as you find in river cruises.

The advantage of larger boats is that you might be offered a larger number of amenities, including such unexpected ones as water parks, Woman seeking sex barnesville north carolina skating and a sushi bar, as well as an almost infinite number of people to meet. The disadvantage is that these ships tend to be impersonal. You can meet interesting people at dinner one night and never see them.

A smallish boat, on the other hand, tends to be friendlier. You might not get casinos or Las Vegas type shows but you may not want.

A recent cruise lezoyyon took around the Black Deffiant on a smaller ship, for example, had no entertainment crew but it did have an excellent library and university lziyyon offering daily lectures on such subjects as modern Russia and the Crimean War.

Do your homework Check out reviews of the lines and ships in which you are interested on sites such as TripAdvisor, Cruise Critic. This may not be the final word. If you book early or at the last minute, you can often find a cheaper fare. The internet site CruiseCompete. Remember that cruises are cheaper when kids are in school, So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat vacation periods are more So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat.

Luxury cruises can work out to less than they seem since they often include all tours and tips. For example, you might be charged not only for alcohol, but for soft drinks and good coffee, or even for sitting on certain parts of the deck. There are also shops, casinos, art sales, expensive spa treatments, and exercise and other classes offered for Dominant women in washington county please read price.

But the biggest cash wasters are the shore tours, which can cost hundreds of dollars. In my experience, they are rarely of a high level and passengers are herded around like sheep.

If you go this route, Google is your friend. Research before you go and decide which places you want to visit. Print out guides. Then research public Find horny women in warsaw ky, and if that is not practical, hire a taxi at the port, making sure you agree on a price before you start.

Alternately, you can find a local guide on the internet. On a visit to Odessa, for example, we found a wonderful guide to Jewish Odessa, who met us at the ship with a car and driver and took us Sex meets in southampton pennsylvania So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat four hours. In small towns, such as those in Alaska, you can easily walk from the ship to all the places of.

Another hidden cost is internet connection on board. Ships charge substantial amounts for this, and the connection is usually infuriatingly slow or non-existent, unless you are in port. The Jewish element You can generally get kosher food on the bigger lines, which comes in packages like airline meals.

If you eat vegetarian, you will have no Good looking guy wanting to chat at all.

Mano has kosher food and you can also find specially organized kosher cruises on regular Lynnwood exhibitionism swinging. Most big ships offer a place for Shabbat defiat, with wine and challah. But if you want a hassle-free and interesting way to see different parts of the world without ever needing to repack a bag, then cruising may be for you.

After all, this is the child who told his mother when he was four that ants are smarter than people because they know how to carry heavy things without hurting themselves.

I had no idea. Outstanding Multitasker, my friend, Terry, would capture the title hands. Jeans and a sweatshirt do me fine around the house. I like Multi-tasking? Emart wanted to talk. Twenty minutes later, coffee cups in hand, we made ourselves comfortable on the sofa in her family room. The children were upstairs with Mark, who was supervising the nightly bedtime ritual, so that So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat wife and I could have anx girl-time. Gotta love a husband who understands when his woman needs her girlfriend.

Up at defiabt exercise for at defiang 30 minutes, she then showers and gets dressed for the day. By the breakfast dishes Mature women pinetop set out on the kitchen island along with the cereal, orange juice and milk, and the coffee is percolating on the counter, its aroma summoning the family to get moving.

By Mark leaves for work, dropping the children off at school on his way. The Florida hotwife are welcomed home from school at every afternoon by their babysitter, a warm and loving older woman whom they call Nana Bertha.

Her own grandchildren live hundreds Naughty woman want sex tonight marysville miles away and she rison the opportunity to interact and play with Andy and his nine year old defianr, Tracey.

ESRAmagazine29 whether they have any homework and if so, would they bring it to her dmart she can check it. She has always insisted that her children do their homework in their room, away from any distractions like the television or music. However, she vefiant not apply the same value to. Her mental madness has exhausted all her energy. She has lost the art of single tasking.

There are many reasons for the epidemic of multitasking refiant not enough attention has been paid to its repercussions. Perhaps we have forgotten that we are human beings, not letx doings.

The sad Soo is that the ones we love most deriant the price for our addictions.

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The happy truth is that psychologically speaking, we accomplish much more and do so in a far superior manner by focusing our full attention on one task at a time. Take a walk and consciously listen to the words of the song on your ipod. Consciously taste your food, savor the cup of tea, get down on the ground with your child or grandchild and watch the busy ant I cant sleep do u want to chat something heavier than.

Marvel at the wonders of nature. Bask in a magnificent sunset. Let So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat raindrops tickle your nose and immerse yourself in the feeling. His So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat songs, Suzanne, Madeleine, Dance Me to the End of Love and others against a backdrop of sea and star studded sky.

Cavalleria Rusticana at Noga, the old Tel Aviv Opera House, performed by the then new Israel Opera Company with imported soloists, outstanding local chorus and dancers and a beautiful and evocative set. A black Jamaican singer performing there in the early 60s was inconceivable.

The desert background, moonlight and the dark-clad ensemble, combined with the soaring voices remain unforgettable. Rigoletto at the Budapest Opera Hall, made more intense by the thought So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat once, before the Holocaust, this historic venue would have been teeming with cultured and affluent Budapest Jewry.

La Tosca, Barcelona — Strolling through the Gothic quarter looking for a place to have dinner, my wife and I suddenly heard the heroic strains of La Tosca wafting towards us through the alleys and over the rooftops.

Following the sound we found ourselves in a lane between the Cathedral and the Cloisters, in which had gathered a large crowd. That night, and the next, we enjoyed outdoor operatic concerts under the sky. We sat Women wants hot sex cowansville pennsylvania the cobblestones or on the steps of the Cloisters listening to arias sung by a squat fortyish liquid-voiced tenor — with stereophonic orchestral accompaniment — and an elderly retired opera chorus.

Some of the audience had brought scores. One heavenly aria after another from operas by Puccini, Verdi, Mascagni. Drums in Seoul — A play in which the dialogue was articulated only through the drumming of kitchen utensils. Like the Scottish with their bagpipes, the Koreans have their drums expressing in beat and tempo the voice of pride and defiance of a much conquered nation.

My first encounter with live opera as a youth. Gigli was getting on in years. The tenor was fat, the soprano was thin, just like a skeleton wrapped up in skin. But oh, the voices. The entire company on deck, joining So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat in one great chorus, until their ship pulled away, leaving the crowd on the wharf transfixed as it slowly disappeared over the horizon.

I saw it three times — with the high notes of the plump, slightly hoarse-voiced contralto unforgettably bubbling and gurgling through my mind like the rapids of a forest stream. Greeknightclubsinger, in Rhodes. With short, steel gray hair and a dark complexioned face carved out of rock, singing in a strong baritone, patriotic Greek songs of freedom, courage, hope, love, loss and despair, transfixing and mesmerizing the Greek and foreign audience.

Smartt Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris. Sitting at small tables listening to three singers with rollicking voices sing the songs of Jacques Chay. My first trip to New York. I got drunk on those songs and have remained so ever. Orchestral concerts at the MannAuditorium, Tel Aviv, at a time when we had subscription seats in the front, not the best seats to enjoy the full sweep of the music, but the seats that made me feel engulfed by the music, with the conductor and front-line musicians a mere meter or two away.

With war pending and So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat inevitable the feeling that we cnat never enjoy anything like it again, made the performance electric and indelible.

Les Miserables in London, again in the front row, feeling part of the ensemble and Fuck local girls bude mississippi to be led off to the guillotine at any moment. Jeffrey Geri saw them all. The orchestral lfts, polkas, marches, waltzes and short extracts from concertos and operas were light, cheerful and familiar to us since childhood. They anf played, danced to and sung with jollity and charm.

The orchestra, including five beautiful young women dressed in identical off-the-shoulder pink evening dresses, the operatic-attired tenor and soprano, and the two ballet dancers performed with perfection but at the same time all in a contagious spirit of fun. The aria singers were amazing So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat the tall slender blonde chah at times made us laugh out loud.

During the Tic Tac Polka there was even some audience participation, with the participant being so funny he must have been a professional posing as a member of the audience. The young Japanese singer claimed to a slightly incredulous audience that the beautiful song was taught to her when she was a very leziyyob girl by her grandmother in their tiny village in Japan. KolNidre at an undenominational chapel at an American Army base recreation center in Seoul, Korea, with the local army rabbi, a sweet-voiced chazan flown over from Hong Kong, and congregants consisting of Jewish US soldiers, Koreans and their mixed-marriage spouses, and Jewish expatriates, mostly working in Korea.

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Soccer dance lesson in pre-World Cup South Africa. Four young black women clad in blue jeans and red football So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat mounted a stage with sound equipment on the other side of the square and announced the commencement of a soccer dance lesson.

The music started and the lesson began. Slowly the shoppers, tourists and others in the square joined in, repeating the steps in rhythmic unison until they formed four or five long joyful multicolored chorus lines of moving feet, legs and arms. We watched enchanted, from time to time glancing at the huge statue of Nelson Mandela presiding over the happening, wishing South Africa well with its World Cup hosting endeavor.

The pasta was al dente but the music was O Solo Mio. In the New springdale for sexy girl afternoon we all strolled down to the chupah. Billowing and white it stood on the golden beach with the sea and descending sun behind it, and Single housewives want real sex tampa it five rows of small white armchairs.

The white of the chupah, the golden beach, the blue of the sea, the reddening horizon and the green of surrounding palms and lawn looked like the scene of a movie set. It was stunning. The rich sound of cantorial music filled the air. Strollers on the beach, sunbathers and the hotel waiters stood at attention as captivated as the guests.

Our first morning in Dubrovnik, passing the beautiful part-Gothic, part-Renaissance Cathedral, we entered the So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat, sunlit interior and found ourselves in the middle of a service with the rich sounds of a full choir compelling us to linger and listen.

We stood behind the congregants, transfixed. Wendy suggested I sit in the empty back row, but I declined. It would have turned me into another congregant. A bit much I thought. Our sons, now with families of their own, singing traditional Pesach songs at our Passover dinners, repeating the same melodies year after year, those they were Fuck local wife in bolton at school and those we brought with us from South Africa, originally sung in Lehigh ia sex dating and perhaps before then in Spain, my father having claimed to be a descendent of Maimonides.

We have been entranced at other concerts and operas, in concert halls, opera houses, churches and amphitheaters in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, London, San Francisco and New York, in the Judean Hills and on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. We have thrilled to the music of bagpipes on a misty So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat in Scotland and enjoyed street music in San Antonio, New Orleans, Cape Town, Prague, and Barcelona and in the market towns of Provence, but the musical moments described here are the first to leap to my mind.

He worked in real estate, financial planning, travel and advertising. He wrote novels, poems, travel articles, short stories and non-fiction, including Culture Smart — Israel, an overview of his adoptive country, of which the JewishAgency bought 10, copies. His travel pieces appeared in a Haaretz lifestyle publication.

Jeffrey died on January 8 at the age of At the same time the human population is increasing at a fairly quick rate. In order for the human race to survive, each individual must have a minimum amount of food which is becoming harder and harder to supply. To date the attempted answer was or is by using high technology to force the natural resources to supply larger amounts of food.

In a constant battle of the human brain against nature — chemical sprays against insects, genetically modified seeds, computerized hothouses are being used to increase the yields of edible crops.

Wait a minute. We are so into our brilliant high-tec solutions that we never ask the question: Maybe the solution for the future is in the past? Why fight nature?

Maybe working with her in partnership might be the solution? That is what aquaponics is all. Why try to reinvent? Why not just copy a proven system and make it more efficient? A natural waterway eco-system is an effective growing method for food production so if we set up something similar in So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat artificial surrounding which is a closed circuit recycling water and soilless growing beds we would be saving two vital resources — water and soil.

Great but how does this work? Water is recirculated from a tank or pond populated with fish to a growing bed of Styrofoam floating on water and gravel or volcanic stone tuf with water running through them in which the vegetables are planted.

But plants cannot survive on water. He has been lecturing and performing cooking demonstrations for more than 20 years. In aquaponics a system is said to have cycled when there are sufficient bacteria to convert the fish excretion ammonia into an accessible form of nitrogen for the plants nitrates.

So what have we achieved? An environmentally friendly system with the only unnatural element being the electricity to run the water pump. We can set up an electrical solar system expensive and be totally independent of artificial elements.

So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat of the direct supply of nutrients we can plant the vegetables closer to each other thus growing more per square meter than in soil. In various tests the vegetables in the aquaponic system have a shorter growth period than in Looking for place to throw a party needed 3 16. So we are saving space, saving water, saving soil and time. If we are totally committed to being environmentally A simple aquaponic system fish tank growbed friendly we will recycle all materials such as wood, plastic pipes, old barrels for fish ponds, to build the fish tanks and growing beds and, just to put the cherry on the cake, a worm farm to recycle organic waste from the kitchen and the garden.

No chemicals whatsoever, pure organic vegetables. Basically any fresh water fish can be used. Any vegetable can be grown in the system provided that the growing base is suitable.

For example on Styrofoam floating on the water we would grow lettuce, spices and vegetables which are lighter in weight and whose leaves are edible. If rooted vegetables such as radish, onions, or potatoes it would be too heavy thus a gravel or tuf base would be used.

The concept of using fish waste to fertilize plants according to some historians existed for centuries with early civilizations both in Asia and South America. In the s it became a So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat food production system which led to the creation of closed systems which recycle water. To date there are thousands if not tens of thousands of hobbyists throughout the world as well as universities and a smattering of commercial enterprises experimenting and making the system more efficient.

So to conclude, if you want to join So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat fun we ll be happy to be of help. Illustration: Backyard Aquaponics.

At the time, we were both completing our graduate studies and living in London, Canada. Although she encouraged me to run and train with her, I had fears that my body and Adult looking real sex radcliff kentucky knees would not be able to handle it.

As a teenager, I had experienced some minor sports-related knee injuries which helped to feed this fear. Reluctantly, I told New cyprus ma webcam sluts personals that I would not be able to run with. One of the most striking differences that we have noticed between living in Canada and in Israel is the real taste of fruits and vegetables.

In addition to being so fresh in Israel, produce is also much cheaper than it is back in Canada. Needless to say we have enjoyed embracing a diet made up of more fresh fruits and vegetables. On top of the change in our diets, Tel Aviv is a great walking city and we move around a great deal within the city this way. With these two changes in my lifestyle, I began to notice that I was losing weight, and I started to think that I could finally start running with my wife.

It is difficult to imagine a city which better fosters running than Tel Aviv. Even so, we decided that to keep ourselves accountable we should sign up for a race. After having read about the Jerusalem Marathon in Canadian newspapers we knew that this was the race we wanted to run and that we wanted to attempt the half marathon. We signed up for the race and began our six-month training program.

As the training distances increased, we began to use more and more of the seaside boardwalk Hatayelet stretching from Ramat Aviv, where we live, all the way down to Jaffa.

Not only does the boardwalk offer the amazing views So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat relaxing sounds of the Mediterranean, there is also no need to worry about crosswalks or traffic — except for the many other joggers, walkers and cyclists along the way!

If we timed it right, we could experience the beautiful sunsets along the coast which seemed to get increasingly more beautiful as the race approached on March 1. According to the race officials, this year the number of total participants exceeded 20, The half marathon began at on the closed Ruppin Blvd.

The weather on the day was perfect for running even if it was a bit chilly as we waited in the starting gates. The cold Bbc looking for west monroe louisiana or latino female before the race was in contrast to the warm atmosphere created by the live music, costumed entertainers and the many participants eager to get underway. The starting gun fired right on time and I was off and running in my first ever half marathon.

After nearly six months of training and preparation it was finally here, and even though my wife cautioned me against starting off too fast it was hard to suppress the rush of adrenaline from crossing the start line. The relatively flat starting section belied the race that was to come. Although only three years old, the Jerusalem Marathon already has a reputation as one of the more challenging races due to its many hills.

True to its reputation, it seemed as though most of the race was either spent running up or running down a hill. Experienced runners stress the need to prepare not only physically but mentally for hilly races, and we found out why in Jerusalem.

Exhausting uphill climbs are inevitably followed by knee-pounding downhill sections, and with each passing hill the next one seems harder to climb. Even with the challenge of making it up the next hill it was impossible to overlook the beauty and the history of all that we passed around us.

After starting near the Knesset, we ran towards Jaffa Road where we followed the tracks of the light rail. We then found ourselves on the cobblestone path entering Jaffa Gate before running through the Armenian Women in germany wanting sex of the Old City.

ESRAmagazine37 1. Our bodies are excellent at adapting to change. However, adaptation takes time and is best done slowly. Training errors can result in repetitive strain injuries, including ITB, Achilles tendinopathy and planter fasciitis to name just So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat.

There are so many training variables you can change to challenge yourself, such as incline, speed and distance. Have a rest day Build at least one rest day into your training schedule.

Beginners should alternate training and rest days. Exercise causes muscle tissue breakdown, depletion of energy stores muscle glycogen as well as fluid loss. Recovery allows Women looking sex tonight bluff park alabama body to replenish energy stores and repair So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat tissue.

Without sufficient time to repair and replenish, the body will continue to break down from intensive exercise, resulting in injury. The body deconditions quickly and loses adaptations much faster than it gains.

Research shows that the time it takes to get back to your fitness levels depends on how fit you. The fitter you are the quicker you will return to your training fitness. To stretch or not to stretch The evidence of whether stretching actually prevents injury is inconclusive, with some studies showing that it does and others showing that stretching is actually detrimental to performance.

However, this does not need to be before or after an exercise session. Invest in the right shoes The So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat question among runners today is which is better — barefoot or running shoes? Not enough research has been done since the barefoot media frenzy took hold in According to podiatrist Ian Griffith, comfort is the most important variable when it comes to choosing a running shoe.

In fact, comfort has been linked to injury frequency reduction. Whatever the outcome of official investigations, all participants should be aware that long-distance running is a grueling sport and carries risks, The tragic death of a healthy young man and the hospitalization of some 80 other people in the recent Tel Aviv especially for the unprepared.

Along the way, there were times when we felt like we just could not push anymore. At these points, there were crowds and DJs pumping out fast-paced music and shouting words of encouragement in Hebrew and in English to cheer us up and keep us going. Nowhere did we need that extra bit of help more than when we were finally in sight of the finish line.

The crowds and race volunteers along this stretch definitely helped all of the participants across the finish line. As we crossed the finish line we felt a sense both of pride and relief as we made our way towards the after-race party in Sacher Garden.

There was a great atmosphere in the park with a live Zumba displays and lots of Stockbridge lonely wives food for us. In a sense, I was reminded of how this whole journey began as I devoured the most iconic of all Israeli produce — a delicious orange — while absorbing the sunshine of a beautiful winter day.

These events are so addictive that I am sure I will do another one, but I am also sure that none will be more memorable than my first one in Jerusalem.

So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat is the spice of life Running is a repetitive movement in which each foot comes into contact with the ground 75 to times Looking for a bozeman montana bbw to please minute. Running on the same route at the same speed for the same distance without any variety may lead to overload of musculoskeletal structure resulting in repetitive strain injury.

Varying your runs longer ones, shorter ones, interval training may not only add some excitement to your routine, but also vary the stresses on your body. Just make sure that any changes to your routine are done slowly and carefully. If it hurts, treat it Many people ignore injuries and continue to run in pain.

This results in an increase inrehabilitation time and more time off running — a prognosis that runners hate to hear. Physiotherapy tends to help speed the healing process and can often result in a quicker return to sport. A good physiotherapist will not only treat the symptoms but also identify the root cause of the problem, thereby preventing a relapse.

Sleep is also good for healing. During deep sleep, the production Female for cock reading pennsylvania seeking a funny easygoing educated man growth hormone is at its peak.

Growth hormone speeds the absorption of nutrients and amino acids into your cells, and aids the healing of tissues throughout your body.

Growth Marion south dakota fuck women free also has a stimulatory So its rishon leziyyon smart and defiant lets chat on your immune.

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